03 October, 2013

Error importing drivers into SCCM 2012 SP1

While attempting to resolve what I thought was a malformed driver, I removed the Intel Chipset driver from SCCM. Upon attempting to re-import the driver again I was presented with this error (found in the DriverCatalog log).

“Import failed as \\server\share\driverpath\* is a Reparse Point that SMS does not support via downloads.                 DriverCatalog  06-03-2013 14:24:23”

It turns out to be a problem when the driver source location is hosted on a Server 2012 platform with data De-duplication enabled. After much googling, I found this post on technet.

"please be aware that you can run into issues with using server 2012 de-dupe.  ConfigMgr does not currently support re-parse points, so if you attempt to import a driver package or something else that has a re-parse point in it, it will fail."

One solution is to delete the files from the package source and re-copy, this will remove the re-parse points from the De-duplication database and allow SCCM to import the driver. 

The other is to exclude any directories that are used as replication parents from the data de-dupe schedule. Package source, Driver source and OS installation/updates sources should *not* be de-duped. It's annoying not being able to de-dupe these folders but it's safer than having driver packages suddenly (and randomly) become corrupted.

It's a shame that SCCM 2012 R2 still doesn't support re-parse points as we were enjoying a 71% de-dupe rate. Maybe in the next version Microsoft will fix this problem.

Fingers crossed !